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A child can go through over 3000 disposable nappies from birth to toilet training. Each one takes up to 500 years to break down in landfill.

2 billion disposable nappies get used in Australia every year.

Wow 2 billion.. Every single time you use a reusable nappy you are helping to create a better future for our children and future generations

Make the change even if it's only part time. Cloth nappies can be used for many children and sold after you finished, saving your family a possible $4000 per child. Even if you factor in washing, water, electricity, cloth nappies will only cost a fraction of that but the cost to the environment impact is priceless.

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Our Story


Askels is a small family run business, located in Mandurah Western Australia.

I started my business due to my love of babies, the environment and my family. I had to stop working a 9-5 as I have Fibromyalgia and arthritis and my youngest 2 children are on the autistic spectrum. I needed a flexible work schedule for doctors and therapists etc.

I started by making name tags and selling on Etsy. My niece then asked me to make cloth nappies. I didn't feel I could design one so she did. The design became incredibly popular and so Ro'Shell Designs was born.

I have steadily been increasing my product base trying to support other small Aussie businesses by stocking those brands.

Having had 5 children (over 17 years) and 2 grandbabies, I understand the important role we play in our babies future which starts with improving the state of our planet.

With over  20 years experience in retail I understand the importance of happy customers and therefore offer old fashioned, personalised service. Each and every order makes my day.

Where does the name come from you may ask. It's an acronym of my kids names

A - Adam

S - Sophie

K - Kristyn

E - Emily

L - Lucas

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