Businesses, WAHM's & Startups

Congratulations on starting or having your own business. It can be the most rewarding and stressful experience of your life, a lot like parenthood, which is why it’ll become your baby. Like raising children, a business needs nurturing and time. Don’t expect to earn millions over night. Many times you’ll see ads on social media and the internet promising to help create a business earning 6 figures in 6 months. The truth is most businesses will take a while before turning a profit which is very normal. Above is some advice covering areas in business with links to various pages to ensure you receive accurate information. It is advice only and it’s advisable to contact a professional such as a lawyer or accountant before making major decisions.

This link is a good one to determine if what you have is a business or a hobby as it can be a fine line in the beginning.

If you live in a rental check with your landlord as many leases don’t allow you to have a home based business. Doing so could void their house insurance and open you up to a law suit should something happen.  

Please Look at the insurance information this is one of the most important information you’ll need.