Modern Cloth Nappy Fit Guide


Lay the nappy open under the baby. The back of the nappy should be just above the baby’s butt crack where a pair of undies would sit.

Bring the front of the nappy up, snug the elastics into the creases of the baby’s legs
Clip up the waist. The leg elastics should be snug into the baby’s leg creases, not too tight. The tummy elastic should sit under bub’s belly. You may need to adjust the rise snaps up or down to get the tummy elastic snugged up under baby’s belly.
You can tidy up the front by putting your fingers in the crease to push the excess fabric up, and push any side excess fabric into the leg creases.
Done! These nappies are intended to fit like a little pair of undies


If you get the tummy elastic moving out from under the belly when baby stands, try:

  • Bringing the back of the nappy down to above the butt crack (do you have it up too high at the back?).
  • Maybe go up a rise snap to get the front sitting up higher. The tummy elastic is intended to snug up under the belly. It is a soft elastic and will stretch when bub sits.
  • Try unclipping the inserts once the nappy is on. The tummy elastic is intended to be soft on your baby’s belly so it is comfy when they sit down, and can sometimes be pulled down by a bulky or stiff insert.